helping to Relaunch a global scotch whisky brand

The business Issue

The standard Scotch whisky market has been premiumising at a global level.  The brand needed a new look and feel to credibly compete with leading global players.

what we dID

Over two years we helped to identify the target consumer typology and need state. We spoke to 250 consumers via qualitative workshops and mini-groups to help shape positioning, communications territory development and final execution testing.  We also quantitatively validated and optimised the packaging before launch.  

This program of research ran across Taiwan, Lithuania, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria & UK.  


Throughout all of this we had to be mindful of the global/local perspective. It was vital to cater to the specific needs of Asian market while also endeavouring to create solutions that work in markets as different from Asia as each other, such as the UK and South Africa. We worked collaboratively with the client to get close to the differing market needs and through an immersive and pragmatic research design we were able to deliver impactful insights efficiently.