We need to change the show - By Amanda

Emma and I attended ESOMAR Live in Berlin last week.  Many things chimed with us but one that resonated with us particularly strongly was the overall power of storytelling and how this gets lost in the delivery.  Or put more bluntly how it is often the piece clients cut, don’t have budget for.

Over the years we have striven to land our insight in a compelling way.  In a way that is going to lead to action and bring about change.  We’ve not always got it right and on occasion we’ve had to backtrack and try and different approach.  What’s struck us is that we shouldn’t have a conversation about end deliverables at the start, deliverables should be an ongoing conversation point at every client/agency interaction and how the message is landed is as important as what the message is. 

More often than not, a PowerPoint debrief is not the best way to deliver findings.  Yes there is a need for the insight team to have a full PowerPoint report but that is not the best way to roll out the findings to the broader business.  Creating booklets, videos, online portals is not new. We and most other agencies have been doing this for years.  But I think as an industry we’ve got lazy.  There are so many clever ways in which you can engage your audience and to do so in the most effective way we need to think about how they are going to consume it. 

We live in 140 character world where ideas have the power to connect (or not) in the blink of an eye.  We use this principle when considering research stimulus so why not apply the same logic to clients. But to do this takes time.  Getting to the long story is the easy part, distilling to the key point and the best way to deliver this is the hard part.

So, this is a plea to clients and a promise to ourselves, we need to take this part of the process seriously and invest time and money in it.  If clients are prepared to invest in changing their consumers’ behaviour they should first invest in changing their own internal mindset.  We believe the delivery goes a long way to doing this, if you’ll just let us.