Gender labels are gone – what next? - By Emma

Exciting times on the gender front in the news lately.

Hari Nef was the first transgender model to sign with a major fashion industry agency, and has since been plastered everywhere from magazine covers to the new face of Mansur Gavriel.

Scandinavia has taken a step towards gender equality when Sweden introduced the gender-neutral pronoun ‘hen’.

And Gucci have stopped separating its catwalk shows by gender altogether.

It isn't just about gender blending - a seamless merging of everything that defines us - but actually taking the best of both worlds and mixing them together in a heady combination. Witness Beyoncé smashing car windows while dressed in Roberto Cavalli chiffon as one example!

Why is this interesting to us? This shift has helped us define what Syren is about nowadays. When we set up in 2005, we felt there was a HUGE opportunity to cater to the needs of female consumers to lead to growth for our clients. And many have since done so – such as Always, Nike and many others too numerous to mention.

These days things are more subtle. Many brands – such as Lyst, Sport England and BMW - are reversing their fortunes by opting for “bilingual” branding or repositioning brands to speak to female consumers more authentically.

To be clear, when we’ve talked “marketing to women” we have NEVER meant target the 50% in one amorphous mass. No marketer can or should do that. It is about understanding the light & shade, the differences between different female consumers, digging below the surface to understand their unique motivations & drivers, and understanding what drives their decision-making (gender being but one filter).

And as the recent Kevin Roberts-gate saga demonstrated, rather than ignoring gender issues, it’s increasingly important for 21st–century leaders to understand them and engage with them at a deep level.

We believe that it has nothing to do with ‘Women are from Venus’ stereotypes, and everything to do with embracing gender differences along a whole range of masculine and feminine deep-rooted attitudes & values.

We’re stepping outside of our roles as male or female - and focusing on just being human with a beating heart.


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