Binding Truths? - By Neil

Yesterday a person died who's fame was eclipsed by the standards of 2016's roll call. However it did cause a flurry of kind words and grief on Social Media at a time when there was much else to discuss in the world. Swedish Statistician, Hans Rosling had died aged 68. A man who had championed the statistics of international development. One clip stood out among the others that were shared. At the same time a video advert went viral for Denmark's TV2. You can watch clips of Rosling and the ad below, both well worth a watch if you have not seen them already. 

While it's fair to say not everyone is dismayed by recent world events these two things shone through against the cacophony of politically motivated fretting and ill feeling in the Twitter-sphere. Why did people share these clips? For me they represented a search for simple truths that bind us together in a time of 'fake news' and visceral debate. We talk about authenticity a lot, is this what it is coming to mean? Agree or not? Please comment below.