Informing Ongoing Portfolio Management With An International Segmentation


Global opportunities required a premium spirits segmentation for an increasingly complex brand portfolio. There was a need for a single global model to understand the interaction of multiple categories and across multiple markets. A clear perspective of both consumer typologies and needstates was required, but also a clear strategy for growth.


A typology and needstate solution was developed from the study that had the capability to distinguish between consumers of different categories. This was more complex than many segmentation solutions but could be examined through different lenses to zoom in and out for the detail required. We produced reference material and documents to use as a Bible of information and held workshops to establish the target typologies and needstates with the brand teams.
Immediate impact came by developing opportunity grids that overlaid our data with industry sales and economic data. From this we sized typology and needstate combinations by volume and value. We used these opportunity-sizings and forecasts to work directly with senior team members, developing a profit and growth focused portfolio strategy. As a consequence the segmentation is now used throughout planning, communications and targeting.


We interviewed in very different core markets across the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia. A comprehensive questionnaire meant that we were able to not only develop typologies and needstates but breathe life into them. We worked with the client to present, name and describe the typologies in a way that was relevant to their business. This depth of information allowed us to view the data through different lenses, e.g. by typology, market, brand or occasion, allowing us to find a global solution while also understanding local nuance.