Getting up close & personal with consumers, on their terms

The Issue

We needed to help a brand understand response to some potential new territories and place the response into the context of their category behaviour, their lives and how they use social media and engage with brands on social media.

What we delivered

We set up a staged approach to the research.  A Facebook based pre-task and extended consumer workshops of 3 hours.  During the pre-task we set up a secret Facebook group for each consumer group and ran a community with 15 consumers for 5 days prior to the face to face research.  This allowed us to:

  • Get up close and personal with participants, getting to know them and allowing them to get to know each other.  Ultimately this broke down moderator/participant barriers and saw them gel as a group before meeting
  • Generate visual content of their lives and brands they connect with, along with images and links to brands and communication online
  • Build a picture of how they engage with the online world
  • Importantly, build trust

We chose Facebook as it was a platform our target consumer naturally engage with (in other markets we have used WhatsApp – typically Africa).

We then ran 3-hour consumer workshops with 10 participants who we selected based on how they engaged with the online Facebook group and the quality of their response versus the brief.  Because of the insights and trust we’d built up with each individual during the duration of the Facebook group, we were able to get straight into the meat of the issue and share the problem with them.  The level of energy and enthusiasm for the task was far greater as respondents felt a sense of commitment and ownership.

Ultimately we were better able to understand why consumers responded the way they did to the stimulus, setting recommendations into clear consumer, brand and cultural context.